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Innovating buildings and metal structures



Our story

MICONSTRUCT is a Romanian company having fully private capital. It was founded in 1998, with headquarters in Targoviste, having its main activity in civil and industrial construction works as well as the manufacture of metallic structures.

Due to the architectural flexibility and extraordinary iron resistance, which is suitable for modern office buildings, universities, hotels, hospitals, apartments, and so on, Miconstruct managed to approach and penetrate the commercial market and became a builder with experience in the metal structures and construction industry.


Important moments


In 2003, Miconstruct decided to invest in the production capacity development and enlargement, building the first hall intended for the manufacture of metal structures. This brought within the company the creation of two different departments: Bidding and Technical; to offer and develop innovative solutions in the construction industry for our clients. The purpose of this vertical integration is to generate customer satisfaction by supervising the quality throughout the entire process, from the design phase of the building structure to the construction completion phase.


In 2011, Miconstruct becomes a registered trademark.


In 2012, Miconstruct obtains ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification.


In 2016, the production capacity was expanded by establishing a new hall where metal structures are produced from the stage of profiles to the assembly of finished elements.


In 2020, following the inspection from ISIM Timisoara, it was obtained the certification in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 1090 standard.


In 2022 Miconstruct obtains OHSAS45001certification.


At prezent, Miconstruct is in continuous expansion.

The company success was built based on a passionate team about its projects, and which analyzes to the smallest detail the ever-changing demands of its clients. The team has expanded step by step and is formed by the following departments: estimation, sales, production, construction, finance, IT, human resources, customer service, logistics and business development.

Years of experience in industrial constructions and metal structures
Specialized, certified employees in the team
Clients from Romania in the portfolio
Areas of expertise, from commercial constructions to metal structure constructions