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Innovating buildings and metal structures

Vision, mission, values

The world is constantly changing in terms of architectural trends and the construction industry, and this construction market is changing within the world.

Miconstruct understand these trends and is constantly trying to identify the main factors that underlie these changes so that through innovation, passion to be in constant contact with the latest news and trends in the field of construction and metal structures.


Miconstruct's vision is to become a national benchmark of competence and professionalism, putting first the satisfaction of its clients' requirements and understanding their real needs as best as possible.


Miconstruct's mission is to become one of the national leaders on the industrial construction market, treating each project with maximum responsibility and offering our clients the most effective solutions.


Our values

The values we believe in and that we transmit are:


for all members of our team,


showed in all our actions,


for employees and customers,


Miconstruct a reliable partner,


for the employees and for the customer.